C2 Series - Claw Cover Cut Level 5 - 13 Gauge

The Claw Cover C2 is a 13 gauge High-Performance Synthetic Fiber and Stainless Steel blend glove that offers protection for Knife Hand or Off Hand applications.  ANSI level 5 cut resistance glove is light weight and flexible with the dexterity needed with knife handling.  The unique construction of yarns employed in this product allows the gloves to be exposed to repeat washing cycles over and over again.  Bleach can be used to restore whiteness to the white C2 glove. Made in the USA.

• High performance Synthetic Fiber and Stainless Steel Blend
• Color: Gray or White
• Gauge: 13 Gauge
Cut Level: ANSI Level - 5
Cuff: Knit Wrist with Color Coded over Edge Denoting Size
• Ambidextrous
Seamless Construction
• Available in Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

• Hand or machine wash using mild soap or detergent
• Water temperature not to exceed 180° F
• Tumble dry at moderate temperature for approximately 10 minutes
• Overheating will cause shrinkage

• Direct Food Contact, Food Service, Protein Processing, Knife Service & Retail Meat & Poultry, Knife Hand Use or Off Hand Use

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