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Natural Rubber Latex
The oldest liquid-proof glove material, natural rubber excels at protecting the wearer from mild acids, alcohols, bases and most diluted solutions of chemicals.

Durable natural rubber gloves are commonly used in industrial applications, for cleaning, and in food processing and handling. They offer a high level of protection against cuts, but are not recommended for use in oils. Our examination latex gloves are offered in varied thicknesses for high sensitivity or extra protection.

Note: Gloves made of natural rubber latex can cause allergic reactions in some individuals. If reactions occur, discontinue use immediately, and consult a physician. Choose a synthetic rubber, such as nitrile or vinyl, as a substitute.

Synthetic Rubber: Nitrile
With a formulation that is unique to Summit Glove, our Nitritech™ nitrile gloves are made from acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber and contain no latex proteins. These gloves are ideal for latex-sensitive individuals.

Our most popular product, nitrile gloves protect the wearer from most solvents and oils, and are excellent for abrasion, cut and puncture protection. However, they are not recommended for use in ketones and a few organic solvents. (For details, refer to Summit Glove Chemical Resistant Glove Guide)

Gloves made from nitrile are available in four different mil thicknesses as ambidextrous examination type, and in hand specific styles, both lined and unlined. Nitrile examination gloves are used in medical applications by First Responders, medical personnel and laboratory staff, and for limited splash protection in chemicals. Heavier nitrile gloves are routinely used in manufacturing, cleaning and the food processing industry.

Synthetic Rubber: Neoprene
Neoprene offers superior protection against oils, acids, solvents and caustic chemicals, but is somewhat less effective against abrasion and cuts than either natural rubber or nitrile.

Offered in supported, unsupported, lined or unlined styles by Summit Glove for use in applications such as manufacturing, chemical handling and cleaning.

Summit Glove also offers combined neoprene and natural rubber gloves for improved chemical resistance.

Our signature styles of neoprene heat resistant food service gloves, The Fryer Glove™ and The Fryer Mitten™, protect workers from burns that often occur near hot oil fryers.

Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA)
PVA gloves are very resistant to most chemicals and ketones, but are not recommended for use in water and alcohol. They protect well against snags, cuts, punctures and abrasion.

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
Synthetic PVC gloves offer economical protection for workers exposed to chemicals, fats, oils, abrasion and punctures. Component materials comply with FDA regulations for food contact in food service styles.

Polyethylene (PE)
Disposable, economical protection for use in most food service and industrial applications. Component materials comply with FDA regulations for food contact. Available in a variety of packaging options for the food service industry.

Polyurethane (PU) Coated
Polyurethane coating on fine gauge knit gloves offers superior dexterity and performs well in alcohols, grease, animal fats, acids and bases, but is not recommended for use in organic solvents. (Excellent parts handling and assembly glove.)

Polyester/Cotton Blends
Varied combinations of yarn blends increase machine knit strength and durability, while still allowing for worker dexterity. Often coated with rubber, nitrile or other substances to improve grip and longevity. Can be used in unsupported gloves for lining, and for insulating properties.

One of the strongest of all fibers, this aramid offers excellent cut protection and heat insulation, but offers little protection from abrasion.

This cut resistant polyolefin fiber is offered for use in food processing and industrial environments. These gloves can be repeatedly laundered and bleached.

A highly cut resistant fiber yarn offering maximum cut protection and a high level of flexibility. Our polyurethane coated UHMWPE knit gloves are ideal for assembly operations and sharp parts handling.

TEFLON® coating on our quilted oven mitts offers protection with a thin fluorocarbon film that features microbial and stain resistance, excellent cleanability, and flame retardant properties.

Our PYROGUARDTM black oven mitts are flame retardant and repel moisture, stains, and also offer vapor protection.



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